Our Mission

Star City VA Pride aspires to expand opportunities for the community, with an emphasis on advancing full equality for LGBTQ+ people across Southwest Virginia.

OUr Vision

To create awareness and further inclusion in the community with the hope to advance a worldwide culture  in which all LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and families enjoy the freedom to live safely, openly, and genuinely.


Star City VA Pride exists to unite and serve its members and the LGBTQ+ community of Southwest Virginia through leadership development, educational, support programs, and community events that achieve inclusivity, equality, strong community connections, and awareness of LGBTQ+ issues.


We are guided by these values:

  • Courage – We understand that social change requires us stand up for our beliefs, even in the face of adversity.
  • Hope – We believe that transformation is always possible given the right mix of resources, trust, good strategy, and community organizing.
  • Perseverance – We understand that advancing equality is complex, time-consuming, and not always linear.
  • Innovation – We believe that new ideas, space for creativity and risk-taking can lead to positive change.
  • Collaboration – We believe that meaningful partnerships are essential to creating a world where we can all live to our fullest potential.
  • Inclusivity – We strive for participation at all levels, embrace our differences, and challenge ourselves to end prejudice and oppression.
  • Transparency – We are committed to being open, accurate, and timely with our financial reports and responses to requests for information.